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Content Creation

By filmetix

Content creation is the commitment of data to any media and most particularly to advanced media for an end-client/crowd in explicit contexts.[1] Content is "something that will be communicated through some medium, as discourse, composing or any of different arts for self-articulation, dissemination, promoting or potentially distribution.

  13-11-2021 / 14:21:27

Post Production

By filmetix

Post-production is the editing portion of the filmmaking or video production process. During this process, the post-production crew not only pieces together raw footage, but adds sound (including music, voice-overs, and sound effects) and visual effects.

  13-11-2021 / 14:21:23


By filmetix

Photography is the art, practice or occupation of taking pictures with a camera. The art or process of capturing images, either on light-sensitive film or electronically in digital form, from which viewable pictures can be produced; activity of someone who uses a camera.

  9-11-2021 / 14:11:44


By filmetix

Videography alludes to the electronic catch of moving pictures on electronic media, like advanced cameras, tapes, and streaming media. This incorporates explicit strategies for video altering and after creation also. From a layman's angle, it portrays a specific style of involved video project, normally more modest in scope.

  9-11-2021 / 13:42:13