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Freddy Daruwala on playing a quintessential hero in a Bollywood film

Freddy Daruwala is blessed with good looks but unfortunately that hasnot won him any quintessential hero material roles in Bollywood movies. He often gets roped in as a villain and has been applauded for his villainous acts in films like Holiday 2014 starring Akshay Kumar and Race 3 2018 that featured Salman Khan.

The actor is now happy that in one of his forthcoming projects he getting to play a hero in the film. I am looking forward to this project The Incomplete Man, which is a psychological thriller a genre I havent explored before. It is about a juvenile killer who grows up to be a psycho while I am the good looking quintessential hero who comes and saves everyone. I enjoyed being a part of this film and hope that more such roles come my way  says Freddy.The film stars three heroines including Loveyatri actress Warina Hussain. It was good to be surrounded by not one but three pretty women in the film laughs  he shared.While he happy the way his journey in Bollywood has unfolded. In an earlier interaction with BT he had said There were times in my career where I have felt depressed. However with the passing time I have understood the business better. I have realised that as an actor in a year I might work for just 100 days and be free for the rest of the year.

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