What To Eat BIHAR

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What To Eat : BIHAR

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1. Choora: beaten rice, served with a coat of creamy curd and sugar or jaggery. In winters, this is mildly baked and accompanied with a thick spicy preparation made of peas and onions.

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3. It is a preparation made of black grams soaked (either lightly/overnight)in water and then sauted in mustard oil in a wok. All kinds of garam masala made as paste on a sil is used for flavouring and chana is also ground to form a paste used as thickener.

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Khaja is a dessert of India. Refined wheat flour, sugar and oils are the chief ingredients of khaja. It is believed that, even 2000 years ago, Khajas were prepared in the southern side of the Gangetic Plains of Bihar.

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It has been in wide use among Georgians from the 9th century until the 1920s, The trend of Chokha in Georgians still continue to occur as they see it as their proud cultural heritage they inherit till this day.

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Litti is a snack food found in Indias Bihar state; it consists of balls of wheat and sattu (powdered gram or lentil) formed into balls with spices, and then filled with ghee (clarified butter) via a hole.Although very often confused with the closely related Baati, it is a completely …

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What to Eat in Bihar. Sattu is a foodstuff in South Asia consisting of a mixture of ground pulses and cereals. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. It originated in Bihar, India but is popular over a wide area of …

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the postal codes of bihar state starts with 8. there is one place biharsharif in bihar state which is often called bihar with pincode 803 101 read more

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India is a diverse land and so are its customs, beliefs, rituals, culture and food. From North to South or East to West, there’s vast difference in the language, people, traditional attire, and lifestyle.

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Best Dining in Bihar, India: See 4,802 TripAdvisor traveller reviews of 380 Bihar restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more.

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